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Our Kansas City and Platte City personal injury law firm provides experienced and personalized legal counsel to clients in the wake of virtually any type of accident or injury related to negligence or intentional wrongdoing. At Cady Law Firm we are committed to providing the representation and client service that makes a difference for our clients at every phase of their claims, bringing them peace of mind when they need it most. An accident may have left you seriously injured and facing an uncertain future, but with an experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney from our offices to help with your case, you have the opportunity to work toward a better, brighter future.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our law firm handles virtually any type of personal injury claim in the Kansas City area. We have included numerous pages on this website that have basic information about some of our practice areas, and we welcome you to review these to learn more about these important topics. Click on the links listed below to get started:


Auto Accidents

There are millions of motor vehicle accidents every year. When you, or someone you know, is involved in an automobile accident it is important to have legal representation as soon as possible. Insurance companies are quick to accept your premiums each month. However, when it comes time to pay out, insurance companies sometimes lie, cheat, and attempt to swindle you out of what you are owed.
Read more about auto accidents.


Class Actions

Have you been discriminated against? Is a company taking advantage of you? Class actions are designed to help protect consumers from companies that harm a lot of people. Don't be a victim any longer. Read more about class actions.


Crashes Involving Modified & Special Vehicles

Each year millions of modified and special vehicles are involved in crashes that injure or kill people. These vehicles pose additional risks to the public and special dangers are associated with them. Modified vehicles can be defectively designed, manufactured, converted, and sold without adequate warnings. Moreover, the drivers of these types of vehicles often receive no training in their proper use. Read more about Crashes Involving Modified & Special Vehicles.


Defective Products

Product manufacturers have a duty to design, manufacture, and provide adequate warnings concerning the products they make. Nonetheless, many products are not safe and are outright dangerous. Some products lack any warnings. Other products have warnings, but they are woefully inadequate. Other products could have had the dangers eliminated entirely during the design process but the manufacturer put profit ahead of safety. Read more about defective products.


Defective Vehicles

When corporations put profits ahead of safety the trial lawyers at Cady Law Firm, LLC hold them accountable. We have experience handling products liability cases and we've recovered millions for our clients. Read more about defective vehicles.


Nursing Home Litigation

Millions of baby-boomers will be entering nursing homes over the next several decades. Nursing home populations are projected to rise significantly. If you, or a loved one, was injured at a nursing home we may be able to help. Read more about Nursing Home Litigation.


Trucking Accident

The lawyers at Cady Law Firm, LLC have experience working on semi-truck or tractor-trailer cases. We hold trucking companies accountable for the policies and procedures they employ which create the dangerous and unsafe conditions on the roadway. Collisions with tractor-trailers almost always result in significant injuries, and we?ve worked with clients with brain injuries, diminished capacity, and special needs because of the wreck they were involved in. Read more about trucking accidents.


Railroad Accident

Every year thousands of people are seriously injured or killed in train collisions and accidents. According to one government report, there is a train accident once every two hours. Train companies must design and construct crossings that are safe. Unfortunately, many crossings are unmarked, lack signage or cross-bucks, and lack flashing lights and gates. Thousands of train crossings across the country are improperly designed. Thousands of other crossings have the view obstructed by overgrown vegetation and other hazards. Read more about railroad accidents.


Workplace Injuries

Like many people, you may feel like you spend more time at work than you do at home. Work should be a safe place. Nonetheless, millions of persons are injured every year on the job. When employers push profit ahead of safety there is a problem. The trial attorneys at Cady Law Firm, LLC hold corporations accountable. Read more about workplace injuries.


Wrongful Death

Over the years the lawyers at Cady Law Firm, LLC have worked with many clients who lost a loved one. We hold negligent and reckless persons civilly responsible for their actions. If you, or someone you know, has lost a loved one due to someone else's negligence or deliberate acts, please contact us. We have experience working in these difficult and sometimes complex cases. Read more wrongful death.


If you, or someone you know, has been injured, or lost a loved one, contact the experienced attorneys of Cady Law Firm, LLC. We can meet with you and discuss your case and your injury. When we take on a case we put our resources to work for our clients. We can meet with you wherever is most convenient for you.

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